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Know your system is built right.
Prove properties.

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Technical design and implementation.
At any stage of your project.

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Custom hosting and APIs for your needs.
Data Analysis on self-owned hardware.

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Research and Development Done Right.

With Ph.D. level academic expertise in Distributed Systems, Blockchains, Distributed Ledger Technologies, and Data Analysis, know that you are getting the best professional advice possible.

Design it Right

Getting your design right the first time means less work later.

With professional review during the design phase of your project, know that you’re building the right way before you invest your time and money.
Build your solution knowing its the most efficient, the most reliable, and simply put, the best.


With academic level peer-review, know your paper (be it a white paper, a technical document, or a publishable piece) has been reviewed by industry experts.


Designing a distributed system is hard. With our expertise, make sure your system is secure, correct, robust, and performant right from the start.

Custom Hardware Solutions

Don’t let your data live on the cloud: it’s someone else’s computer.

At AnyX, all our critical infrastructure is custom built, and located here in Vancouver, BC. Data for analysis will never leave our own hardware, and we never use the cloud. 
Keep your privacy.


Harware is purchased for-purpose, using the latest and greatest technologies like Intel® Xeon® Scalable Gen2 processors and Intel® 3D X-Point™ memory.


API services are offered with high reliability and redundancy.
With greater than 99.99% uptime, know your services are always available.


Using an existing API? Is it not enough for your business needs?
Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll build it.


These are just some examples of the services we can offer you. 
Want something custom? Feel free to reach out.


Get professional, academic-level peer review on your documents. Don’t make the mistake of releasing to the public a design with flaws. Know your design is academically sound right from the start. Prove it’s properties.


Know what you want as an end goal, but don’t quite know how to get there? Knowing you have the proper system design — one that’s scalable, performant, and secure — is something we can help with.


Need help bootstrapping a blockchain or DLT with high-performance validation nodes? Get a trusted node right from the start.


No full-stack system is complete without APIs. But is what you have, what you need? Want something more? We can build it for you. And host it.

Public Research

While confidentiality can be key to success, some research performed at AnyX has become public and open source. Some of this research is meant to help users understand properties of the systems they’re working with; others are meant to prove system properties.
Check out some examples of public blockchain research below.

What Makes a ‘dApp’ a ‘dApp’?

There has been a big push in the cryptocurrency space about “dApps” lately. Like with the big push towards “cloud computing”, as an academic I often feel like we get caught up in buzzwords and hype rather than dig down into what actually makes something unique. So what Makes a dApp a dApp? Or, specifically, what are the properties that differentiate a “Decentralized App” from a centralized one? To clarify that definition, we need to dig deep into what an App means first. 

Fully Decentralizing dApps

Once bootstrapped, we have an initial point of verification; but then it brings us to the second, arguably harder, question: “how do we maintain verification without a trusted party doing that for us, or without doing it ourselves?” To come up with solutions to this problem, we first need to take a step back and look at two things: why we should truly and fully decentralize dApps, and, within our environment, how we can do so.

How Vote Incentivization Degrades Delegated Proof of Stake

The theorem is trying to say this: when Block Producers start offering a kickback to their voters in the form of payments to whoever votes for them, whether through directly Vote Buying or indirectly Vote Incentivizing, and voters primarily care about increasing their own reward, eventually this system — through competition and people acting in self interest — will degrade.


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